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Theme:Mission Defined: Let others SEE the Gospel
Date:Saturday, March 1st, 2014
10:00AM 4:00PM

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Speaker: Dr. Bryan Karney, and Mr. Desmond Choi
Location:Tyndale University College & Seminary
25 Ballyconnor Court
Toronto, Ontario M2M 4B3
Cost:$60 (Lunch & Refreshments Included)

Join us for panel sessions, group discussions and booth displays!
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June 9, 2014

Technology and engineering are the expression of our human imagination and creativity in forming and transforming nature for practical purposes and uses. While there is plenty of biblical material emphasizing the spiritual and inward over the material and external, this is balanced by passages affirming the concrete, external world of things. For example, the Old [...]

"Contempo" literally means keeping up with the tempo of the contemporary society. It implies that we Christians should be watchful of the rapid changes in our society and workplace so that we can deliver a distinctive Christian message through our work and everyday life.

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